We offer a wealth of wood-floor design options, and our installation methods for solid-wood floors are always implemented in accordance with our own strict guidelines.

There are two main types of flooring: solid wood and engineered solid wood.

Engineered floors were developed around half a century ago by the Scandinavians, and are more stable in changing weather conditions than solid-wood options. Engineered flooring is constructed using balanced layers of marine plywood to prevent excessive expansion and contraction.

Solid-wood floors are generally more suited to smaller plank designs, such as parquet or block-flooring styles. Both our solid-wood floors and our engineered floors are available in a wide variety of designs.


  • Parquet
    A geometric mosaic of solid-wood pieces used for decorative effect, typically laid in a block-herringbone pattern.
  • Finger mosaic
    In the 1960s and 1970s, many new homes had finger mosaics installed throughout their ground floors. These mosaics are created using blocks that are much smaller and thinner than those seen in traditional block flooring, and these are laid in alternating directions.
  • Herringbone
    Herringbone floors come in many different wood types, including oak, teak, cherry, walnut and maple. Borders are often incorporated around the perimeter of a herringbone floor, created using exotic hardwood strips.
  • Inlays and medallions
    We also provide hardwood inlays and medallions that are available in a wide variety of designs, but can also be customised to show a family crest or corporate logo. These items are created by skilled craftsmen, and offer a truly wonderful addition to a family home or office space.

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