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Grey Oak Flooring

Can you get grey solid wood flooring?

Grey wood flooring is becoming increasingly trendy, such as oak. Wooden grey oak flooring has been increasingly popular over the last few years. Grey oak flooring works well with a wide range of home decors and styles; this is why it is getting increasingly popular. The beauty is that you have a natural and lovely floor with a fashionable design and colour.

Because grey wood flooring has begun to take over the market, there are various colours and tones of grey to pick from. Previously, you could only obtain medium or stone-grey flooring, but now you have a considerably wider range of options. Pale or faint grey tones, as well as very dark grey tones, are presently popular varieties of grey wood flooring. Grey parquet block flooring and chevron flooring are also available. Because there are so many tones of grey to pick from, we always recommend ordering samples first. You can now see the true shade of grey in your own home.

The grey look is imparted to a pale wood (typically Oak) during the manufacturing stage because wood is not inherently grey in colour. The planks or blocks of flooring are first created, then the fitting profile is added, and finally the grey stain is placed to the floor’s surface. Finally, an oil or lacquer finish is applied to the flooring. Alternatively, you may purchase an unfinished Oak floor and stain it yourself in a grey colour. You’d have more control over the exact shade of grey you wanted to accomplish this way.

The impression of a dark grey wood flooring is significantly more dramatic. The wood grain and knots are still evident, but the dark grey stain has dramatically changed the colour of the flooring. If you want to make a statement, a dark grey oak floor is great. It goes well with light-colored interiors and can give warmth and personality to your flooring space.

What is grey Oak?

Grey oak is made by staining normal oak because oak is not naturally grey. Grey oak flooring gives a beautiful and stylish look to any room but not all shades if grey flooring may be to your taste. We will look at some of the different grey flooring options available.

You must first settle on your style before going out to look at colours. We have a few shades of grey flooring to choose from so it’s good to consider whether you want something modern, classic, or period-appropriate.

Dark grey flooring isn’t going to make your place look dismal. Dark tones, on the other hand, will add warmth. The contrast and definition that charcoal and black tones provide in your interior flooring design is wonderful. Open plan kitchens with huge patio doors are good, as are rooms with lots of natural light.

Your design will assist lighten gloomy areas and make the space feel calmer by using lighter grey flooring colours. The combination of white walls and soft white bed sheets creates a peaceful atmosphere.

Consider the quality of your flooring, since it will have a significant impact on the final appearance. The aesthetics of wood are more important than the quality. Prime grade timbers are chosen for their lack of knots and little variance, while more rustic grades are chosen for their knots and character. The higher the grade, the more formal the appearance. More knots in the rustic grades add character and rustic charm.

For a long period, its true grey flooring was not the most preferred. However, they are now popular for a reason, and we see no reason why that should change. Grey tones are simple to work with because they may complement a wide range of other colours without clashing. Consider how your garden fence turns grey with exposure to UV light, and how grey is actually a natural colour for grey wood flooring.

If you’re still not convinced, try brown tones with a hint of grey.

What goes with grey oak flooring?

Grey floors have become increasingly trendy and fashionable over the years, so many of my customers ask for my advice on the finest paint colours to match their grey floors or carpet. It’s easy to find paint colours that match when your floors are really dark or very light (particularly greys), but it’s a little more difficult when your floors are grey.

I’ll give you my best colour options below, but keep in mind that the finest tints will vary depending on the undertones of your grey floors, your lighting, and, of course, your personal style. Always test your paint colours in your own home.

Before I get into the best paint colour families to use, I want to caution you to avoid grey paint colours whenever feasible if you have grey floors. Why? To begin with, it’s far too easy to choose the wrong grey. There are hundreds of greys, each with its own set of undertones. And floors (especially natural wood) come in a wide range of styles, so there’s a good chance they’ll clash.

Second, grey on grey is too depressingly monotone (and boring). There is no better method to create a dismal environment in your home than this.

Blues with grey floors are my favourite combination. They’re calm and calming, and they almost usually complement grey floors. You’ll be alright if you stick to a cool blue (light, mid, or dark). So consider blue blues (a phrase I coined) or blue greys (also called dusty blues).

Whites, of course, are always a good choice, especially if you want a light, airy vibe. However, avoid yellow or pink/peach undertones by sticking to white whites or cool whites.

You should pick a cool white and stay away from warm whites (those with yellow or brown overtones). It’s usually preferable to see the samples in person and under your own lighting.

Grey floors look fantastic with navy. It’s very fashionable right now. Navy works good in man caves, but it’s occasionally too dark for an entire room. So I’ve come up with two options. The first one is straightforward. Choose one of the whites listed above, then add a navy accent wall.

I’ve discovered that the majority of my customers choose greens or blues, but rarely both. Some greens, particularly grey greens, go well with grey flooring. Consider sage or pale greens with a hint of grey.

Avoid olive greens (which are too yellow), minty greens, bright greens, and forest greens, and limit your use of blue and turquoise to avoid looking too bright and juvenile.

grey on grey isn’t my favourite colour combination because it’s very monotonous when matched with grey floors. However, a dark grey accent wall with whites on the other walls can work well in some cases. Use the whites I recommended earlier. Depending on the colour of the floor, you merely need to pick the suitable undertone.

People sometimes like to go all out with a bright hue like fuschia, bright yellow, or bright orange. These colours are interesting and frequently work best as accent colours for area rugs, pillows, and/or one accent wall, so go for it if that’s something you’re interested in.

Because flooring often covers numerous rooms and various people have varied tastes, I wanted to present a variety of paint colours that go with grey hardwood floors. The one thing you’ll notice is that all of the wall colours are on the cool side, which is what works best with grey flooring.

What is the price of grey wood flooring?

You can view our shop here for the price of all of our flooring designs and shades. The overall price will vary depending on the size of the job, what room is it going into? Is that a large room or small room? Is it for a kitchen or other room which will be exposed to moisture? These are some questions to ask yourself when deciding what flooring option to use in the correct room. 

The price of our grey flooring starts at just £53.35 per sq m for our Mountain Shore Oak Plank flooring. We also offer other choices with the price starting at £66.30 per sq m (inc vat) for our Iced Frape Oak Plank flooring, Nordic Beach Oak Plank flooring or Silver Haze Oak Plank flooring styles.

We also a beautiful gallery allowing you to view some amazing examples of the work we have done.

Why not shop online with us today to choose your ideal choice of grey flooring?

Are grey wood floors trendy?

Grey flooring, particularly grey wood flooring, has exploded in popularity over the last decade, swiftly becoming the most popular trend in not only flooring but also in homes.

Grey flooring not only appear elegant and current, but they also set the tone for a cool, contemporary home. Grey flooring will provide a neutral canvas on which you can decorate in almost any hue. Aquas, greens, bright strong hues, or even black and white – all of these colours will complement your sleek grey flooring.

If you think it looks good, I say go for it; it’s not going away anytime soon! Grey flooring is likely to remain fashionable at least until it’s time to replace your floors.

In terms of wood flooring colour trends in 2022, greige (grey + beige) will be the new grey. This year’s trend of brown, beige, with a hint of grey has taken off.

Greige combines the simplicity of grey with the richness of beige. The colour grey goes nicely with practically any other colour in your home design, complementing modern white themes or rustic browns while also opposing more dramatic colours.

Grey flooring can be used in any room of the house. The unusual colour offers living rooms and entryways a luxurious vibe while also adding a fresh touch to bedrooms.

One thing is certain: if you’re looking for the best flooring for resale, grey oak wood flooring is a terrific choice.

Is the grey wood floor trend going to stick around in 2022 and beyond?

Absolutely! Grey wood flooring is in trend and I believe grey oak flooring will continue to grow in popularity over the next decade as people want to simplify their lives and their homes. People are seeking for just the right amount of neutrality.

As previously mentioned, lots of variations are in! Not only for colours, but also for textures. In 2022, you’ll see an increase in the number of floors with no two planks looking alike, especially with the hand-scraped wood flooring texture.

The hand-scraped appearance is one of the most unusual flooring textures. This technique is utilised to give the floors an aged appearance while still remaining fashionable. Scrapes and knots can give your floor the appearance of having been in your home for a long period.

In essence, the wood grain is exposed more, giving your floors a rustic aesthetic that is nonetheless pricey and unique.

Because hand-scraped floors appear to be fully polished, they are popular among not just younger but also older households. The trend of hand-scraped wood floors is nearly certain to increase the value of your home.

Will the trend for hand-scraped wood continue in 2022 and beyond?

This one-of-a-kind, handcrafted style will last for a long time. It appears to be pricey, and consumers adore pricey things.

Note: When buying hand-scraped wood flooring, be cautious. Many businesses claim that their floors are hand-scraped, but in reality, a machine is used to make each plank look comparable and uniform. It is less expensive for them, but the result is not the same.

What is the best material to use for grey wood flooring?

Many homeowners want long-lasting, high-quality flooring. Whether you have a large family with active children or enjoy hosting and entertaining groups, your floors are subjected to a lot of foot traffic, spilled drinks, and other hazards. So, how can a homeowner make certain that their flooring will last for years? What kind of flooring is long-lasting? We’ve got your back! The top four long-lasting flooring solutions for your home are as follows:

Vinyl Flooring – Vinyl flooring is a multi-layer flooring solution that is incredibly durable and ideal for high-traffic areas such as corridors and, notably, kitchens, where soft underfooting can help a fatigued chef’s feet. Vinyl flooring is also exceptionally easy to maintain, as it is both water- and spill-resistant. Vinyl plank and tile are available in a number of colours and designs to mimic anything from wood to natural stone and concrete, to fit any style or preference.

One thing to bear in mind when buying vinyl flooring is that vinyl sheet flooring normally comes in 12-foot rolls. This is ideal for rooms with a width of 12 feet or less. However, if your room is larger, you can end up with an exposed seam that invites moisture and damages the subfloor–just something to think about.

Hardwood Flooring – Another lasting flooring option with a lovely natural appearance is hardwood flooring. Even the most durable hardwoods with a high Janka grade, however, can be scratched. Scratches offer charm to certain homes, but others prefer a smooth wood finish. Hardwoods have the advantage of being able to be sanded, polished, and restored to their original state.

The hardwood species you choose, as well as the finish, have a significant impact on durability. Palmetto Road hardwoods, for example, have eight coats of finish to guard against scratches and dents. Oak is a very popular choice of wood for flooring because of its versatility. This means that oak has a very traditional, ageless appearance. As a result, it complements a wide range of décor styles, from contemporary to traditional. It’s tough to come up with a colour scheme or décor design that doesn’t go with oak.

Waterproof Hardwood Flooring – Waterproof hardwoods, such as the innovative Raintree flooring, combine the natural beauty of real hardwoods with the durability of stiff core flooring. It’s made from 1.2 mm genuine hardwood veneer glued to a dense 5 mm NINJA Core H2OTM, making it more durable than engineered woods and wood plastic composite (WPC) flooring. Raintree can survive not just common spills and puddles, but also wetness and high-humidity conditions. Waterproof hardwoods, which can be put in basements, can assist minimise cupping and buckling.

While waterproof hardwood flooring is a relatively new product on the market, there are a number of compelling reasons to invest in this multi-layer flooring. Raintree waterproof hardwoods are environmentally friendly, include NINJA Core technology for heat resistance, and have acoustic backing with 1 mm Irradiated Cross-linked Polyethylene (IXPE) foam cushioning. The best part is that waterproof hardwoods are really inexpensive!

Grey Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring – Laminate flooring is built to last and requires very little upkeep. Laminate flooring is one of the most durable flooring solutions available, as it is scratch-resistant, spill-resistant, and has acoustic features that soften each step. Laminate flooring is also available in a wide range of colours and designs to fit any taste or decor style. A popular choice is light grey oak laminate flooring, grey laminate flooring or oak laminate flooring.

From the top wear layer to the base bottom layer, laminate flooring’s durability is attributable to a composition of multiple strong layers of materials. Heavy furniture and rambunctious dogs (and their claws) racing around the home can scratch a transparent top layer. Seek laminate flooring with a higher AC (Abrasion Class) rating, which determines how resistant a laminate flooring is to abrasion, impact, staining, and other factors. The AC rating of a laminate flooring varies from moderate AC1 to heavy-duty AC5. (You should be able to discover this information on the laminate flooring’s specifications.)

Laminate flooring is also water-resistant, providing a protective layer that isn’t completely waterproof. In moisture-prone bathrooms and kitchens where accidental puddles may occur, you might want to think twice about laying laminate.

Your flooring are sometimes only as nice as their subfloor. Check the condition of the subfloor before you decide to install new flooring and replace the present floors. The subfloor should have a smooth surface and be free of dampness (particularly for new flooring with click locking systems). Whether you remove glued-down or floated-down subfloors, the overall installation cost will increase.

About us – Grey Laminate Flooring

Surrey Floors & Doors is a family-owned and operated flooring business that has been a leader in home improvement for decades. We like establishing long-term relationships with our customers by continually exceeding their expectations and earning their confidence. This is accomplished by providing sound, honest advice, using high-quality components, and completing perfect installations with impeccable finishing. Whether it’s wood flooring, porcelain tile flooring, German kitchens, carpet flooring, grey oak flooring, luxury flooring or vinyl flooring, we’ve spent countless hours scouring the globe for the best suppliers and materials, so you can rest assured that when you visit our showroom, you’ll only see the best products that we’ve tried and tested in our own homes.

We’ve been in the flooring business since 2000, and the original founders still make up the majority of our team. Our clients include local residents and businesses, large-scale developers, restaurants, leisure facilities, and commercial franchises. We are a small, family-owned company with extensive expertise working on large-scale projects including multiple kitchen/laundry/utility installations or hundreds of square metres of flooring.

Our flooring team has a stellar reputation as a result of numerous successful projects. Our staff consists of perfectionists who sincerely care about the job. They work quickly yet carefully, knowing that the most important installations and renovations take time and demand extra attention.

At Surrey Floors & Doors, we only consider work completed if it meets the highest conceivable standards. The majority of our business comes from referrals and repeat clients, demonstrating the team’s talent and ability. Visit Alex and Emma in the showroom; they have an unrivalled love for home restoration, and the results of their vision are stunning.

Real grey wood flooring, porcelain tiles, and Rotpunkt kitchens are a powerful combination and a terrific investment in your home; it will not only appear sleek, but it will also increase value. All of our floors built to last and we offer a five-year warranty on all of our floors.  We’ve been around for a long time and have a solid reputation.

Solid wood flooring has a natural beauty to it, especially grey flooring. People have carved and sculpted it into our homes, tools, and sculptures for thousands of years. Because of its remarkable flexibility and ageless nature, grey wood flooring is often used. In reality, solid grey oak flooring may be used to create almost anything, including mosaics, inlays, and decorative panels, all of which Surrey Floors & Doors offers.

What we do:

Our solid-wood floor installation operations are always performed to our exacting standards, and we provide a diverse range of wood-floor design possibilities and flooring accessories.

Solid wood and engineered solid wood are the two forms of flooring we offer.

Engineered floors, which were pioneered by the Scandinavians around half a century ago, are more durable than solid-wood solutions in changing weather conditions. Engineered flooring is made up of layers of marine plywood that are evenly spaced to avoid excessive expansion and contraction.

Solid-wood floors are more suited to smaller plank designs, such as parquet or block flooring. Our solid-wood and engineered flooring come in a variety of styles as well.

We have a variety of flooring styles to choose from, including:

Parquet – A geometric mosaic of solid-wood pieces arranged in a block-herringbone parquet pattern for ornamental effect.

Finger mosaics – Throughout the 1960s and 1970s, many new residences included finger mosaics on the ground floor. Our mosaics are manufactured using blocks that are smaller and thinner than common block flooring and are also set in alternate directions.

Herringbone flooring – Herringbone flooring is available in a variety of types of wood, including oak, teak, cherry, walnut, and maple. Exotic hardwood strips are frequently used to create borders around the perimeter of a herringbone floor.

Hardwood inlays and medallions – We also offer hardwood inlays and medallions, which can be customised with a family crest or a company emblem and available in a variety of designs. These pieces are handcrafted by skilled artisans and would look great in any family’s home or office.

In addition to floor installation, we provide repairs, additions to existing wood flooring and infill, replacements, coloration, oiling, and lacquering. We only utilise the best products for all of our services to ensure the highest quality finish.

We also offer sanding services, which we perform using the latest technology to ensure that dust and disruption are kept to a minimum at all times.

Our trained specialists can fix any scratches, dents, gaps, splits, stains, or holes, no matter how big, small, minor, or severe they are.

Are you qualified to complete the task on your own? The majority of our gear is also available for rent.

After seeing the level of care we provide, many of our clients decide to purchase a maintenance contract with us. This protects their floor investment while also preserving the natural beauty of the wood.

What’s included in the box:

– Once a year, a gentle sanding of your flooring will be carried
– Flooring repairs will get rid of any tiny scratches
– Lubricant is used to help maintain the flooring. It will be oiled and will bring a new lease of life to your flooring

We also enjoy providing free advice and ideas to our customers on how to keep their flooring in top condition.

Our skilled team can provide victorian, chamfered, ogee, ovolo, bullnose, and antique skirting boards and architraves in a range of forms and sizes.

We can also stain an existing skirting board to match your new flooring and integrate it in with the rest of your home, or repair or replace broken skirting boards.

Wood borders can be used to define a specific flooring area or to transform a standard wood floor into something more unique.

Hardwood borders come in a variety of patterns, or you may have a bespoke design made to match your decor.

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