What are Bespoke Kitchens and Why You Want a Bespoke Kitchen

Curious about bespoke kitchens? Here, we’ll answer some common questions and provide some additional information on different aspects of designer kitchens, such as their cost versus the added resale value for homes with bespoke kitchens and expected installation times. 

Bespoke Kitchens

What makes a fitted kitchen Bespoke?

A bespoke kitchen is unique and custom created to each home and can be influenced by a multitude of factors, including, but not limited to: the home’s original architecture, the surrounding environment, the actual space available, functional usage, the owner’s sense of style, and budget. Generally, the kitchens are custom-fitted to the existing space, although sometimes walls may be removed or enhanced to enhance the kitchen’s design and assist the installation process. 

Your sense of style is highlighted by choosing a bespoke kitchen, as you will have the opportunity to personalise every detail of your designer kitchen if you choose. Of course, for those with less time to worry over details, we can help make the design process quick and straightforward with our expert guidance.

Bespoke Kitchens: Expense vs. Value

Homeowners on average over the UK spent from as little as £8,000 on their custom-built kitchens in 2020. When looking at renovations, the majority of our homeowning customers spent between £15,000 – £30,000 on their kitchen upgrades.  Some customers with larger budgets even spent over £50,000 on their bespoke kitchens. The areas where homeowners can expect to spend the most money (or cut costs) are on custom cabinetry, flooring, and countertops, as the materials for these improvements can vary greatly from quality, long-lasting hardwoods and stones to other, less expensive, mass-produced materials. Choosing the right materials for your designer kitchen will afford you with a sense of luxury that will last through the years.

Of course, if your eye is on adding long-lasting value to your home, selecting quality materials for your custom kitchen should be a priority. A quality-built kitchen should last for well over 20 years if it is designed thoughtfully and with high-end materials. Quality materials such as hardwoods, granite, and other quality stones not only provide lasting visual and utilisation enhancement to the home’s kitchen, it will also increase the resale value of the home. 

Resale Value of Homes with Custom Kitchens

A well-designed bespoke kitchen can greatly increase the resale value of your home. Many customers ask themselves whether remodelling their kitchen to a bespoke kitchen will increase their home’s resale value when they choose to sell. One good way to answer this question is to investigate similar homes for sale in your area – both with and without custom, upgraded kitchens. If you find that homes with bespoke, designer kitchens demand a higher price, then you have your answer. This is, universally, almost always the case. However, this investigation can help you to determine how much you wish to invest in your kitchen upgrades. If top-of-the-line appliances and materials are fetching a premium in your area, then it may be wise to invest in your kitchen remodel accordingly. 

Installation Times for Your Bespoke Kitchen

From first contact to finish, the majority of bespoke kitchen projects take around 20 weeks to complete. This includes choosing your design, selecting materials, upgrading appliances (if necessary), the creation of your custom cabinets and countertops, and the final installation process. Of course, the time can vary depending upon the size of the kitchen and the number of upgrades (replacing flooring, moving or changing walls, and any necessary changes to plumbing or electricity), the timeline could be longer or shorter. Of course, we always do our utmost to work with our clients’ desired timelines and can suggest small changes to help meet those goals.  

Is a Bespoke Kitchen Right for Your Home?

If you want to enjoy a custom-fitted kitchen that aligns with your specifications and enhances your daily life while simultaneously adding a significant amount of resale value to your home, then a bespoke kitchen is the right choice for you. With our vast expertise, we will gladly walk you through what should be an enjoyable process as you choose the right design, materials, and appliances for your future kitchen, all while keeping to your predetermined budget. These upgrades will enhance the entire look and feel of your home for both your family right now, as well as for potential home-buyers in the future.

Contact us today to get started designing your custom, fitted bespoke kitchen. 

Bespoke Kitchen

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