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A real wood floor is an investment in your home; not only does it look sleek, it adds value.

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Solid wood is naturally beautiful. For years, us humans have carved and moulded it into our homes, tools and sculptures. This resource is so widely utilised because of its wonderful flexibility and timeless nature. In fact, practically anything can be achieved using solid wood as flooring, including mosaics, inlays and decorative panels – all of which we offer at Surrey Floors & Doors.

An investment you’ll cherish forever

A real wood floor is an investment in your home. Not only does it look sleek, it also adds value and provides insulation, and is easy to clean and maintain. There are countless combinations of wood grains, colours, stains and finishes available in our flooring, to suit any budget, room or preference.

A warm welcome at every door

We also sell stunning wooden internal and external doors, which can improve the appearance and insulation of your home and really add that “wow factor” to its entrance. From bespoke designs to standard oak-panel doors, we have a vast array of options for every property.

Making your house a home

We pride ourselves on creating a warm environment that delights each customer by providing high-quality real wood flooring and doors. These retain their splendour and longevity, gaining more charm as they change and evolve with time.

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